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Ilya, 159 1.9 (Belgium market)

My car was made for Belgium market and there was only 136hp in stock. It was not enoght for me, and was not enoght for 1.6ton car. I knew that there is no hardware difference between 150hp and 136hp cars, so I thought about chip tining from the first day. We made chiptuning including DPF and EGR removig, and now I am really happy! The Car become much faster, and I love it more and more))) Aslo it really smokeless! And I think that is really cool!

Ilya 159, 2.4

We made full exhaust - DPF and cat was removed, rear silencer was replaced by SuperSprint, also we install EGR plugs and made chiptuning - and after that I did not recognized my car! It become much faster at roll-on acceleration. I did not notice acceleration time 100-200 at stock car, but now it become much faster by my feelings. I was afraid that car will smoke a lot, but after about 100km it stop smoking. I think that smoke on the first kilometers was because of scurf in exhaust system, but next time it burned out. By the way fuel consumption did not become much bigger, but I become to drive much faster =)

Dmitry, 159 1.9 ("ligth" power mod.)

When my DPF dead I had a choise between replacing it or to make chiptuning with DPF removing. 1st way was not cheap - new DPF is really expencive. So I choose 2nd way because of the price and because of I want to add some HP for my car. Also I did not want to wait for EGR problems, and make a design to switch it off too. After chip Alfa become faster! I do not belive it become Ferrari, but maybe Ferralfa :))) Actually I am not a racer, and 90% of time I drive in traffic jams, so I can say that consumption looks like stock or maybe a little less, and I do not see any smoke in mirrors.

Dušan, GT 1.9 JTDm 16v

My GT 1.9 JTDm 16v is without precat, cat and DPF which are substituted by downpipe and straight pipe. All other things are stock. Combination of remap + software "DPF off"/"EGR off" gives obvious power gain in the middle and top RPM area, without significant influence on fuel consumption and smoke appearance. Increasing of idle speed from 850RPM to 950RPM eliminates idle vibrations and make better starting performance. Driving feeling is excellent: smooth run in city traffic condition and much better overtaking ability, impressive acceleration performance, as well as considerable faster car! Great job! E-mail:

Nicolas, AR156 20v

I recently did a chiptuning on my Alfa 156 2.4 JTD 20V. The performance in stock was very good, but performance could never be enough I thought. First i was incrodulous of the "high milleague" of 160.000km. After writing with Peter I decided to do it because of the good experience Peter had. I needed to do remotely assisted chiptuning because I live in germany and I did not want to drive 2000 km just for chiptuning. That was no problem. Very good support. Fast responding of e-mails. Cable has been sent within 4 days, very fast. One day later I had the first three files after payment: eco tuning, light tuning and optimum tuning. First we wanted to check if clutch would not slip with 440 N.m torque, or dmf did vibrate. Both did not appear. So i decided to put 500nm torque on my car. And now I am really really satisfied. :) very nice performance now. It is not a tuning like, most possible power without attention to possible damage to the charger, clutch, dmf or axleshafts. It was reasonable tuning. No problems appeared untill now. Got some tips how to treat the car chipped. Here in Germany, not many tuners have experience like It costs much more and mostly you can not choose between 4 files without coming back to the tuners location. I did not make good experience with german tuners. When i will buy another Alfa in some more years, I will definetly come back to :) Email:

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