How to treat with chiped engine

Principles of treatment with the chipped engine is just a little different from a normal engine. The oil should be changed every 10,000 km for all diesel engines. Marketing strokes with long-life oil and return after 20 thousand km, resp. 30 thousand km studies refuted Petroleum Institute, showing that after 8 thousand miles there are qualities and long-life oil on the border of sufficiency. Every time you change the oil, you have to change oi filter as well, and after each second exchange the air filter as well.

After starting, partial throttle driving is recommended, do not run over 2500r/min for diesel and 3000 r / min with petrol engine. After heating to the operating temperature, it is possible to drive in aprox. 70% load. After 20min oil reaches optimum of operating temperature and lubricating properties, so do not use full throttle sooner. Full throttle should not exceed a few tens of seconds. Attention! Not every tuner has calculated (even measured) exhaust gas temperature, because it would prevent damage to the turbo and pistons. Testing the maximum speed should not exceed 1 minute.

The last hundred meters we try to slow down by engine-braking, so the exhaust turbine could be cooled. Following a vehicle stop we let the engine run for approx 20-30 seconds before definitelly off. Even though the diesel engine can be run at low rpm, when the road inclines, we should avoid driving into high gear at low rpm. It is better to shift down. E.g. It is better to drive 1900rpm at fifth gear to the hill, than 1500rpm at sixth gear.

Do not drive the long time below 1700 rpm and above 3500 rpm (which is usually 180-200 km / h). Always tank clean diesel at gas station stations, pouring canisters carries the risk of dissolved impurities. Additives are not necessary. The gasoline engine, depending on how much modifications are carried out, need to tank high-octane gasoline.