Project GT 262k

When I bought GT Q2, I was decided to make some advannces.

I started with chiptuning, DPF off and DECAT. Than I removed EGR.

After these modification I gained about 190HP. It was really nice result. Car was actually very fast, even faster than Alfa 159 2.4 210HP without modifications. But I wanted more. I knew, that engine is not on the limit. But soon my clutch was gone away followed by DMF.

SMF was inserted and a new clutch, too.
Than I made some suspension modification, shorter springs Eibach Pro, anti-roll bars Eibach pro both axles, KONI shock absorbers and powerflex silentblocks were installed. Now I want to modify brakes.... Than it came the most important decision - new turbocharger. According to compressor maps, I found out the Brera GTB as the best choice. I have bought a new turbo.

This turbocharger needs to modified before using in 1.9. Both sides were changed.

After preparing of turbo I have removed the exhaust manifold.

According to an old turbo I had to make a template for new GTB.

Exhaust manifold was modified and new GTB was installed. According to template, new exhaust pipe was made.

Gearbox had to be cut because of low space... After cutting, GTB was installed into car.

Instead of EGR pipe, ther is EGT sensor placed.

New oil pipe was made, because of longer distance. You can see EGR plates, too.

Than I had to make maifold for big FMIC, because small EOM SSMIC is not suficient for expected performance.

New aluminium manifold was made. New manifold is shorter, than OEM one.

Than I installed new big FMIC. Some front bumper modifications have to be done.

Than I made new manifold leading from IC to intake. It is aluminium.

For more pleasure, I installed webasto and daylights.

Than many many dyno tests a software advances were necessary. Soon MAP sensor was on the limit and had to exchanged. After MAP, also MAF was exchanged for Brera´s one. Intake manifold was enlarged.

EGT gauge and BOOST gauge were installed. For more pleasure, carbon foil was sticked on roof.

Going through 225HP there came high EGT hand in hand. So new water/methanol injection system had to be installed. Nozzles are installed in throttle body.

After these modifications, expected performance is 440N.m in 2800 rpm and 262HP in 4550 rpm. Some videos with acceleration. Car uses 18" wheels and Torsen-C diff.

GT on dyno

GT 0-170km/hT

GT fifth gear

GT Q2 vs GTA

GT 0-100km/h