Diagnostics of control units

Diagnosing of the vehicle by computer is actually relaying information from the vehicle computer to the computer on which we can interpret the results. In order for the external computer as a laptop, connected to the control unit of the vehicle so, it needs so-called interface, or diagnostic module. The information is encoded into a computer by this module to language we understand.

The diagnosis can view all control units connected to the vehicle data bus. After connecting the unit, there is the option to delete a read error messages. The error message is a observed deviation from the expected value. It is well established in the management software. For any system failure occurs value out of range and at the instrument panel there is an icon of the specific system. For example, when evil does not touch, the airbag detonator is not sending adequate response to control unit and typically comes to us character icon. It indicates that the airbag system is inactive. After connecting we read specific diagnostic code, which has by the specialized in "non-universal" diagnostics accompanying commentary. For example, the knee airbag of passenger, short to ground. Such reporting will allow us to find error in the right place.

Another option is to download concrete diagnostic data from sensors. Example of problem: xenon headlamps don´t inclinate. Interface joins the unit and no diagnostic trouble code is saved. Nothing recorded. It means, that value is not out of range. We load angle values of both suspensions. Front inclinometer shows 3,7V, rear 0.2 V. The rear sensor shows that the butt is too saggy, so lights flash briefly before the car. You need experience to know, which value is not normal. Therefore, the only diagnosis is not able to repair your car. But in the hands of an experienced diagnostic it helps a lot. But let us return to xenon. Universal diagnosis is not able to connect to drive light, by the way. But the specialized one revealed us, that the rear sensor gives a different information than the front. Most diagnosticians would take money from you and tell you to buy a new sensor, ideal both because they have no idea, which of them shows the correct value. But we know that the sensor can be jumped out or by Alfa quite common - twisted. Error can be spot removed in 5 minutes and save you a lot of money for tilt sensors.

Perhaps the most poorly interpreted diagnostic is signed of senseless spending on engine failure. Therefore, you always consider how much you want to pay and for what actually. We offer specialized diagnostic and so-called datalogging as well, retrieving the necessary data during the travel and entry into the chart from which the data can be read and analyzed. Even analyzing of data graph requires experience. For example, a small hint: error code - the turbo control solenoid. Datalogging shows that, at high speed turbo is pressing so much that the protection will be overstepped. The result - 80% of people take advise and buy a new solenoid and if it does not work, then a new turbo. We know enough is to clean VGT vanes.

We offer highly professional vehicle diagnostic interpretation Fiat / Alfa / Lancia, Renault, Citroen / Peugeot, VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda.