Remotely assisted chiptuning

Now we can offer bright new service - assisted chiptuning. This service is suitable for all people, who live too far to come personaly to our corporation. The service is network-based. The only one thing you need is to buy interface (flasher) for reading/writing firmware (50€). Your software will be modified by our proffesional team. You will get full network support.

If you are interested in this service, please email me: You will be prompted to send cash advance for flasher (We accept paypal) and flasher will be sent to you immediately. Naturally you will get instalation software and full online-support. After reading your car, you will send us you original firmware and we will modify it. Than you will need to pay for modification. After payment you will get three versions of modified software.
1. First version is light - tuning. Suitable for everyday use. Torque will be a little higher and fuel consumtion is light decreased (0,1-0,3 l/100km). For more informations about consumtion - please read this: FAQ - Frequently asked questions
2. Second version standart tuning - very good torque and performance, no smoke. For everyday use, too.
3. Third version is racing software. This software you can use at your own risk. It is set to maximum power. It is smoking racing soft with high idle.

If you want any other version - just let me know, we can make a good deal for sure. The best advantage of this service there is a fact, that you can do it from your computer. You don´t need to travel anywhere and you will change you firmware according to your actual mood. In case of parntnership, you will be able to tune many other cars and earn a lot of money.

If you want to become our partner - please read this: Step by step guide

We offer the best price ever - from 220€ according to type of car. (according to type of flasher). Price includes: flasher, postage, package, flasher software, r/w guide, assistance and 3 modified versions.

Attention! Your modified file is car-bound, so it is not possible to use it for other cars. In every case you will subsribe contract of non-sharing of our firmware under the risk of high penalty.