Which engines can be chiped

At all of supercharged engines it is able to improve the performance, therefore turbocharged engines. Chipping of naturally aspirated gasoline engine (without the turbo) is technically possible, but the performance increase is around +3-4% at the cost of rich mixtures. It also entails negative - more power and significantly more CO in the exhaust gases. Also, smooth diesel in principle can be enhanced by 3-4% - at the cost of smoke from the exhaust. Turbodiesel engines are most appropriate for modification, have a relatively decent reserves and the output growth is significant. Turbopetrol charged engines are also possible to explicitly ask for high performance, but this is more difficult to debug calculations, measurements and tests. Bad software for Diesel made less damage than for gasoline one. Petrol engine, when driving at full power at the poor mix, there is destroyed in a few minutes. It is important for both engines to make adjustments to the calculation, it is a guarantee for trouble-free operation.