What to avoid when editing by other companies

Nowadays whoever "makes chiptuning”. From complete laicus with downloaded software, to large companies with majestic advertising. Unfortunately, neither of these parameters is not relevant for assessing the quality of treatment. Even many companies disposing by quality and expensive equipment, are producing modifications which are more likely to shame, as the praise.

But if the software is poorly tuned and the car smokes even at partial loads, there is a baked piston rings, oil degradation, worse lubricating of the turbo and crank, turbo regulation is carbonated. The easiest way to increase performance is to change the length of the injection time. Control unit, thinking that injects such. 50 mm3 of fuel, actually injected 60, or with the mad modifications even 70 mm3. No limiters and safety stops intervene even when overheating because control unit still think that gives 50 and it is calculated that 50 is safe. The vehicle smokes, the air is low, injection takes longer than it should and therefore it should start earlier. But does not start, because no one changed start of injection. If the rail pressure is also increased, the more fuel is injected and nobody have any idea how much it is and when the injection ends... Effect? The increase in power is noticeable, as is the black smoke, but pulls nicely. Turbo become carbonating, suffering pistons, rings are scalloped. The catalyst clogs. Any particulate filter regeneration starts one after another until it finally plugged ... Increase of performance,there is for example, 15%, consumption growth is about 10% and reading on-board is 2l/100km less. (fake)

After a few tens of thousands of kilometers (at best) it will appear a safe mode. Cause - high pressure turbo (non-functional control) or dysfunctional EGR (again carbon). A driver visited tuning company, which says it is not his fault. So the driver rides, changes turbo, EGR etc... Why also some great chiptuning companies produce these low quality modifications? Because it is an art to modify the software, it needs a college. It's not easy at all.

There are various software equipment to adjust the management units. Only a competent software is WinOls from EVC. It does not work with almost any company with this. It's software, which maps are created and developed in. It is used by the manufacturer. E.g. at EDC16C39 recognizes WinOls 308 maps and all maps are marked as BOSCH MAP. To modify this software, you must find the correct 34 maps and adjust them according to the calculations. In the winols the indent can be changed, EGR, DPF can be removed, idle, startup maps, etc can be changed. It is complex, but perfect. Good software can be done only in winols. Most companies use software from Alientech - ECM Titanium. But it is only a hex editor with few predefined maps. It is simple and everybody can make work with it, even without any knowledges about tunning. Numbers from the ECU allow to editor open approximately 4-5 fuel maps (injection length, demand drivers, EGR limiter Smoke) 2-3 turbo maps and torque limiter. Maps have not plausible ranges and ranges can not even change. The values in the maps are usually accumulated by percentages. Some of the maps needed for a perfect modificaton are not available. Modifications of this type can be compared to Powerbox, because the ECU has no idea how much fuel is injected.

Before you decide for any modification, the price and performance are not the only parameters to make a decision. Ask for measuring performance, but the emisions especially! When is the operator measuring the performance by PC, watch your fingers, in Slovakia we have a business that clicks on the Bulgarian constant and the 162K is suddenly 180. Let the original software always backup. If the tuner is willing to give you the USB key and modified software, take it.