Now it is easier than everytime before. Here you can see in few steps, how to start your chiptuning bussiness as a certified foreign branch using our registered trademark. Why not to be the chiptuning specialist with 50% of cashflow? Our companie´s aim is to show people worldwide, that it is possible to get the best quality for a good price. That´s the reason, why we offer 50:50 cashflow dividing now!!! You can start immediately just by following next steps:

Step by step guide:

1. You need some client for chiptuning, or you need to make your car stronger

2. Write an email to containing all car informations.

3. Send cash advance for flasher, appropriate flasher will be sent to you, including software and manual. This amount is not high - it is usually about 50€ including postage and package.

4. Than you will read car´s software according to instructions and you will send it by email to our team for modification. When the file wll be ready, you will be prompted to pay full fee from our pricelist.

5. The modified file will be sent back to you and you will write it to your car. Your car is modified.

6. After good experience we can subsribe international contract for using our trademark and for selling our products. This contract allows you to make website for your country using our registered trademark.

First car will be paid for full price, next 3 cars in 75% fee and than each car for 50% price from pricelist.