Diferences of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Opel

Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo uses the same powerplant. Multijet engines also uses OPEL and a small-1.3JTD also uses SUZUKI. Differences in torque at Fiat (Punto, Bravo, Brava, Marea) and Alfa (145.146, 156) with 77kW with 1.9JTD are only software. But they have any importance. Fiat is running on 215 mm clutch, the distinction of Alpha, which is running on 235 mm clutch. Fiat Clutch keeps around 250 Nm to 100% in the state. Therefore roundup bottom after modification could be so strong. Performance after modification is the same as Alpha, because power is the only linearly dependent calculation of speed and torque. Since torque at 4000 rpm (therefore in 4000, because at that speed the engine reaches maximum power) is about 160N.mv basis, after increasing to 200-220 Nm (more is not possible without engine modifications) no problem arises. So, Fiat will have less torque than Alfa at low speeds, but at higher speeds is the same moment, so that the power is the same.

Engines of Fiat 1.9 TD 100k have mechanically operated regulation and can not be adjusted by software. Software modifications of engines in cars with automatic transmissions are possible, but you can only edit torque and slightly to increase power, otherwise will reduce the life of the gear shift and failures. Gasoline engines used Alfa twin-spark technology to Fiat never received. Unlike Fiat have other cam and variable suction. The increase in performance at gasoline Fiat engines to values ??as the Alfa is not possible because it is a different motor. Fiat Punto has reduced power to 59kW, it's also possible to increase the performance values ??as the Alfa. Engines used in 2.4JTD Marea have variable turbo, so the later onset of torque and power of 4kW lower. Performance increase over the same can be achieved, as at Alfa Romeo. For all these engines is needed before modification to increase mechanical pressure from the turbo to 1900mBar 2100mBar 1.9JTD u and at 2300mBar 2.4 JTD. Fiat Stilo, the new Bravo, Croma already use the same connectors as the Alfa, so it is also a Kappa Lancia Lybra. With all modern JTD are no differences.