Welcome in the service station actually specialized in Alfa Romeo cars. Other brands such as Alfa Romeo may be exceptionally fixed by mutual agreement. We offer routine repair, engine and chassis overhauling, spare parts sales and diagnostic with adequate interpretation and dataloging. An unique new feature, you will not find in any other service station, the purchase of spare parts for the same price as in our store/ e-shop. We use original parts of reputable manufacturers, such as TRW, Brembo, SKF, songwriter, ATE, etc. LEMFORDER.
You need not worry that the parts are overpriced, or that parts are junk. Car passes through service station washed and cleaned with the same number of miles as you have brought. There is no need to take from the car something off to have a fear that you will lose something. We pride ourselves on the unrivaled reputation of our brand and therefore customer satisfaction is our primary order. As only one, after mutual agreement, we offer diagnosing of "undetectable" faults for our spending. That said, when we can not hit what wrong with your car is, you will not pay anything. This is not applying only to computer diagnostics, but even to total control.
In our service station, you will never pay for the replacement part, which needn´t not be replaced, or exchange of any component, which did not cause a malfunction. Repair-price offer we will say after delivery of vehicle and inspection, before the repair itself. If the unexpected situation (requiring additional financial costs) occurs during repairs, our technician will contact you and without your agreeing thay wont make any correction that has not been agreed in advance.

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