1. Will be the fuel consuption lower after chiptuning ?

By most companies of chiptuning you can read that consumption drops down after chiptuning. Scientifically explained by the stronger motor can go upto the hill within the top gear, the weaker has to change down, do more cycles and than consumption increases. It should be noted, however, that the removal of the vehicle is work (in Jouls). Moving the same amount is the same work. In the same time = same performance. With an unchanged engine efficiency the consumption will be the same. The truth is that the best engine efficiency is at lower speeds, 86% versus 82% at high speeds. But what will be the rpm difference between the 5th and 6 gear at a constant speed? 500? So, the decrease in consumption in this way is possible, but negligible. Where is the truth? The truth is that most tuners will change the length of injection, what the control unit does not recognize. So, the control unit is thinking that injects 50mm3/travel, actually injects 60 or more. But PC board still counts with 50, so displayed consumption is lower than. Sometimes this is only liter, sometimes two liters. Reality after refueling says, that it did not decrease, but increased. Increased so that the maximum dose of fuel is higher and higher power performance at the same engine and the same fuel efficiency goes hand in hand with higher consumption. So if you use the power, consumption will grow. Consumption of atmospheric engine without turbo only grows.

2. Is it herefore possible to somehow edit software to reduce consumption?

It is. But editing has to be perfect and can not be converted to handle for 2hours. The essence is the increase in fuel pressure, allowing a shorter injection. First, the fuel is sprayed and also later start of injection produces a shorter back pressure against the piston that goes upwards to the top dead center. (less negative torque) This can teeny reduce consumption by about 1-3 dcl/100km. If you want better fuel economy, you should not use more power than in the period, which it is compared to. These options offer only JTD, at the gasoline it is not possible.

3. Do I need to mount additional boost regulator?

Not necessary. Only Euro 2 engines use manually controled turbo. Newer engines use regulation by ECU. But in older engines not enough pressure is reached, so the performance inrease will be lower. We recommend to use additional controller for E2 engines.

4.Is it possible to improve performance and reduce consumption by the same modification?

More power = more consumption, it is not workin by another way. But the software can be made to do so at low load for a quiet ride consumption was about 3-5% lower than the original. By the full power, consumption however, will grow.

5. Do I pass emission controls after chiptuning/DPF removal?

For quality debugging with the calculated values ?? certainly yes. But not for the poor quality of tuning when a car smokes. Unfortunately, this is what most companies offer. Before the emission control is necessary to go a few miles at full power, to flow flushed soot from the exhaust out (recommended to unchipped cars, as well).

7. How to choose a good tuner?

It is difficult to answer in order not to be a advertising or dehonesting. IMHO you will do no mistake, if you choose a tuner, who is specialized in one brand, or who owns such a car. Never choose according to parametres in some tables. These values are either thinked out, or they are a little higher than by rival. Of course I ahve to say, that there are some honest tuners. You can count them on one hand. Don´t choose according to price, too. Also bad tuner could be expensive. Extremly cheap modification is usually extremly bad. I recommend to choose according feedback from users. Read forums, call users. Btw. ven lower quality chiptuning could prepare some pleasure. If the increase is not high, it shoul work without damage, too. Naturally it has diadvantages, which you can find on this web.

8. Does the tuned vehicle lose its waranty?

Naturally, no car producers agree with chiptuning. The correct qustion is, if the modified software could be discovered. Let´s say, that the modification is well done, car doesn´t smoke, DPF is OK. Than there is no reason to search any problem in ECU. But if the mod is bad done, DPF gets clogged and car runs in limp mode. Some good diagnostics can discover higher values from sensors. So correct information is, that car loses its waranty, if modification was discovered.

9. Is my car suitable for tunning, if my milleage is over 250 thousand km?

Milleage is not authoritative. Naturally worn-down engine doesn´t get such parametres, as new one, but if injection system, turbo, clutch and DMF are OK, than it can be tuned without any problem.

If you have any more questions, just write to my email: info@alfatuning.sk