Adjustments of motor parts to improve performance

If you want to go further than only software editing, you should avoid the engine damage - you need to upgread som engine parts. Before the intervention of the engine, the brakes, shock absorbers, stabilizers, tires, suspensions need to be upgreaded.

Upgreading of petrol engines is not easy. I have just little personal experience with petrol engines, normally there is a need to put: tuned pipe for exhaust, sports filter, sharp cams, or a direct doubled throttle and ram intake. It is more difficult to put turbokit. Clutch upgreading is not necessary at all. Lighten flywheel is beneficial for improved response of acceleration.

At the diesel you need to start with blanking EGR, exhaust modification, removing pre-catalyst, catalyst, particulate filter. Followed by large intercooler with a better cooling effect and greater turbo. At the 8V it is necessary to change air pressure sensor and fuel pressure sensor. The ideal is to replace a CR pump – to get a higher pressure. Sports filter is unfounded. Cone intake filter has less airflow than a standard paper filter. A stronger motor will then require a different flywheel, clutch, and it is best to replace the differential for new - Torsen-type C. These modifications can be ordered by mutual agreement, we have the service contract, which we recommend. Adjustments are expensive, eg. GTB2056 new turbocharger is about 900€.